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Part-Time Teachers

Kuo-Hsiung Wang Professor
Education EMBA of Chung Hsing University
Experiences General Manager of Wang Steak

Hospitality Management
Email endy.wang0526@gmail.com


Ming-Rong Li
Education Master in Education & Administration, International University, USA
Director of Continuing Education, Asia University
Adventure Education, Leisure Leadership, Full Fitness, Leisure Activities
Extension 6250
Room M122
Office Hour Tuesday 15:10~17:00, Wednesday 13:10~15:00,
Thursday 10:10~12:00, Friday 13:10~17:00. Click for Details
Email mjlee@asia.edu.tw    


Chih-Hsien Hsu Professor
Education Master in Leisure Sports, National Taiwan University of Sports
Experiences Assistant Professor, Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Asia University
Deputy Director of Personnel, Ministry of Education
Director of National Educational Resources Center
Member of the Central Arbitration Council for Teachers, Ministry of Education
Member of Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association
Member of the Assessment and Evaluation Committee, National Chung Hsing University
Leisure Sports, Interpersonal Relationships, Human Resource Management
Extension 1010
Room M660
Email chsu@asia.edu.tw    


Yuh-Kuen Chang Associate Professor
Education Master in Tourism and Travel, Ming Chung University
Management Consultant of Top Ken Food & Beverage
General Manager of Queena Plaza Hotel
General Manager of Taoyuan China Trust Hotel
Assistant General Manager of Landise Hotel
Member of Hotel Evaluation Committee, Tourism Bureau
Member of B&B Evaluation Committee, Tourism Bureau
Consultant of Hotel Orchard Park
Banquet Manager of Ritz Hotel
Hoter Planning, Hotel Management, Hospitality and Travel Marketing, Food and Beverage Management, Drinks Mixing Practice, Hotel and Restaurant Service, Business Etiquette, Analysis of Leisure Industry, Club Management
Extension 1905
Room M664
Email changnorth@yahoo.com.tw


Kuo-Dong Peng Associate Professor
Master,  Forrest Research Institute, National Taiwan University
Research and Deputy Director, Endemic Species Research Institute, COA
Assistant Professor, National Chi Nan University and Nan Kai University
Plant Conservation Specialist and Consultant, Species Survival Comission, IUCN
Committe Member, Ecological Engeering Advisory Committee, Public Construction Comission
Committe Member, National Evironmental Education Comission, EPA
General Counselor, Sun Link Sea Forrest Resort
Director, New Homeland Foundation
Ecotourism, Guided Environmental Interpretation and Environmental Education
Email peng.kd@msa.hinet.net


Hao-Sen Yang Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Education, National Changhua University of Education

President of National Hsi-Hu Senior High School
President of National Hu-Wei Senior High School

Expertise Human Resource Management,
Email hwsh201@ultra.hwsh.ylc.edu.tw


Yi Lo Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, National Tsing Hua University
Experiences Head, Nantou Branch, Taiwan Power Company
Part-time Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Asia University
Part-time Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Management, Nan Kai University of Technology
Human Resource Management, Service Industry Management, Decision Analysis, Product Management, Quality Management, Marketing Management, Econimics
Email u246456@taipower.com.tw


Ji-Cai Lin Assistant Professor
Education EMBA in International Business, Asia University

President of
Wise Technology Co., Ltd.,
    Zhida Development Co.(Caotun Zhida Craft Service Guest House)
    Xin Chang Management Consultants Co., Ltd. (Younglake Resort) 
Manager of One Click Travel Agency
Adjunct Assistant Professor of
    Department of Cultural Tourism, National United University
    Department of Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National
    Chi Nan University

Information Service System Development and Application: Hotel PMS, E-Commerce & Hotel Management Practice
Email gr13.younglake@gmail.com


Wei-Zhen Li Assistant Professor
Education Ph.D. in Civil & Hydraulic Engineering, Feng-Chia University
Experiences Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Asia University
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Asia University
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture, Tunghai University
Data Processing & Analysis for Tourism Issues, Visitors’ Satisfaction Investigation, Skills of Tour-leader & Tour-guide, Marketing Management of Leisure & Recreation Industry, Guiding & Interpretation
Email wjli089@thu.edu.tw


Zong-Sian Li Lecturer
Education Ph.D. in Management, Jinan University, China
Experiences Secretary in Chief, Taiwan Health Care Association
Consultant, Nantou County Tourism Association
Consultant, Taoyuan City Tourism Association
Chairman, Taiwan Media Marketing Co., Ltd.
CEO's Special Assistant, Wen Wan Resort Sun Moon Lake
General Manager, Wen Wan Resort Sun Moon Lake
CEO, Aife Biotech Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd.
Chair Professor, Beijing Tsinghua University
Japanese, Hotel Management, Receiption Etiquette Training
Email johnsonlee885@gmail.com


Mei-Ling Chen Lecturer
Education MBA in International Business, Asia University
Beverage Making and Practice, Beverage Management, Business Writing and Presentation, Restaurant Management and Practice
Email weichu8989@yahoo.com.tw


Zhen-Syong Shen Lecturer
Education Master in Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Management, Chaoyang University of Technology
Experiences Certified Travel Councilor, R.O.C
Certified Leader and Tourguide
Lecturer, Continuing Education, National Chung Hsing University
Lecturer, Chaoyang University of Technology
Lecturer, Nan Kai University of Technology
Expertise Leader and Tourguide Practice, Introduction to Leisure Recreation, Collar Group and Guided Tours, Theme Park Management, Journey Planning
Email shen102@ms26.hintet.net


Hung-Yi Chu Lecturer
Master in Business Administration, Asia University, Taiwan
Doctoral candidate, Feng Chia University
President of Taichung Eastern Swimming Pool
Lecturer in National Taiwan University of Sport
Lecturer in Feng Chia University
Senior coach in swimming, golf, triathlon
Expertise Health promotion and life quality, Introduction of leisure sport, Leisure marketing and consumer behavior, Statistics 
Email a366300@yahoo.com.tw


Chin-Shih Fang Lecturer
Education Master of Business Administration, Rikkyo University, Japan
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Asia University
Adjunct Lecturer, Tatun Community College of YMCA
General Manager of the Shang-Ho-Jia Co., Ltd.
Consultant of the Pier21 International Co., Ltd.
Expertise Marketing Management, Rural Tourism, Japanese
Email ogatafang@gmail.com


Jhen-Si Siao Lecturer
Education MBA, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Director, King-Ding Land
Administration Agent
Board of Director, Da-Yuang Business Consultant Co., Ltd.
Expertise Economics, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Statistics
Email king@win999.com.tw


Cheng-Yuan Lin Lecturer
Education Doctoral Candidate of Healthcare Administration, Asia University
Lecturer, Department of Aromatherapy, Hungkuang University
General Manager, Royaldear Biotech Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Director of Education, Royaldear Aromatic & Cosmetology Academy
President, Geng-yuan Industrial Co., Ltd.
External Supervisor, Quixotic Implement Foundation
Expertise Consumer Behavior, Service Industry Management, Customer Relationship Management, International Etiquette, Aromatherapy, SPA Industry Management, Healthy Behavior
Email kuspa0721@gmail.com




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