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Educational Objectives & Goals


Our Mission and Educational Objectives

Our mission is to cultivate students with the theoretical basis and enable them to become professionals in the leisure and recreational industry. The educational objectives of the Department are set according to the expectations of society needs, academic development trend, school development direction and those of parents, alumni, teachers and students.

The Department gathers employment information and manpower banking journal data to design our courses based on social trends. In academic trends, the Department deliberates in the National Science Council of “Geography and Regional Studies and Prospects” on the future of leisure and recreation field. Direction development of the School is based upon the School concept: health, care, innovation, excellence, and integrate this concept into the curriculum and teaching plan. In addition, through the “Department of Development Conference”, our Department collects opinion from the external members, alumni and students. Compile of social and academic development direction, the department comes up with the Department Meeting to discuss and carry out the goals and educational objectives.

Educational Goals
The Department follows the five learning goals set by the College of Management to nurture students equipped with essential skills in professionalism, which are listed below. Therefore, our goal is to train students to be professionals with global vision, industry analysis and planning capabilities and combine theory and practice of leisure and recreation management as well as to enable students to have humanities, work ethic and problem-solving ability.

Professional Skills
Our students are able to apply their professional knowledge required in their workplace.

Communication Skills
Our students have the capabilities to speak and perform presentation. They also have well-written skills.

Analysis and Problem Solving Skills
Our students have the ability to collect, collate and analyze information and solve problems.

Global Perspectives
Our students have a global vision and concern for international issues.

Our students are able to conduct the moral and ethical in the workplace.

Undergraduate Program Educational Goals:

  1. Cultivate students with theoretical basis and the ability to apply and manage in recreation industry.
  2. Cultivate students with:
    1. The ability in channel and tourism marketing
    2. The ability to plan trip and practice to be the guide leader
    3. The ability to use information systems in tourism
    4. Capability to operate and manage hotels, restaurants and resorts
    5. The ability to do marketing creatively, organize exhibition and celebration, and be project manager of events
  3. Teamwork
    1. Teamwork Ethics
    2. The importance of professional ethics
    3. Training in communication and leadership skills


Graduate Program Educational Goals:

  1. Cultivate students with professional knowledge and management capabilities in leisure and recreation industry
  2. Cultivate students with the ability to do research, planning and execution
  3. Cultivate students to be able to research and write thesis.
  4. Cultivate students with innovative thinking and ability to solve problems independently.
  5. Cultivate students to have the ability to coordinate and integrate in different areas.

Cultivate students with good leadership, management ability, planning capability and international perspective.