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Teaching Features


Teacher Handle both Industries and Academic
Full time teachers are professional and expertise in recreation field, they also participate in practical experience of tourism and recreation industries. In addition, recruitment of outstanding industry professional managers as part-time teachers makes our Department integrates well in theory and practice. Our students are assisted in improving their employability and strengthen their career development after graduation.

Curriculum Planning Emphasize Both Theory and Practice
Besides leisure business core courses and foundation core courses of Management College, Department also have elective courses for students to involve in interested courses. During the winter and summer Students get to internships to obtain practical experience in industry. Department also counsel students to obtain relevant licenses to enhance their employability and competitiveness

Consistent and Close International Exchanges
Over the years, the Department often held international seminars, including organized the fourth and fifth of “The Academic Study Development of Cross-strait Leisure Industry and Society” with Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research and Chinese Geographical Society of Professional Committee of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development, 2007 Graduate Seminar of Cross-strait Tourism and Leisure, Taiwan Tourism and Leisure Industry Upgrading Forum, etc., the Department continue to maintain close in international exchanges, and enhance teachers and students  international perspective.

Professional Capability Train through Curriculum Programs Features
The Department curriculum programs features include “Hospitality Services Management", "Tourism Management", “Recreation Activities Planning”, they are elective courses features in setting and professional to increase competitiveness after graduation.

Emphasizes Practical to Strengthen Substantial Ability
The Department set “Leisure and Recreation Department Internship Path”, planning two months “Corporate Probation" for compulsory professional internship program, to help students to confirm their interest and expertise skills required in the job market as early as possible, internships included the famous hospitality industry, travel agencies, leisure agriculture and others.