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Programs &Curricula

Course Objectives

The Department's goal is to cultivate professionals’ in hospitality services management, tourism management, and recreation activities planning. The Department also recruits teachers from the leisure industry to teach practical experience, so that students get to understand the current trends and needs in various professional fields and cultivate them before graduate. Undergraduate Courses are supplemented by different working hours of internships. It’ll train student the most important leisure industry interpersonal manner and communication skills.

Details about how to apply, registration procedure, dormitory application, ARC application, scholarship, work permit, and job opportunity, please refer to the webpage of International College.

4-Year Dual Bachelor's Degree Program

4-Yaer Dual Bachelor's Degree Program Curriculum (2019)


3+1+1 Dual Degree Program(Bachelor's + Master Degree)


B3+1+1 Dual Degree Program (2019)


Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor's Degree Program for Evening School

Master Program


Executive Master Program