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Student Care


Asia University tries hard to take care of students in learning and living, so that they may concentrate on their studies on campus. The following is a list of related measures carried out by the school.

  1. Dormitory services
    • The Dormitory Service Section in the Office of Student Affairs is eager to help you.
  2. Learning guidance
    • The Learning and Career Development Center as well as the Office of Teaching Excellency Project are ready to serve the students in various aspects of learning and career counseling.
  3. Language training
    • The International Language Corner and the Chinese Language Education Center helps students to solve problems in language learning, overseas studies, English test simulations (TOEFL, TOEIC, General English Proficiency Test, etc.).
  4. Parents-greeting phone-calling service
    • Students are encouraged to call parents and relatives frequently at the Parents-Greeting Center using fee-free phones offered by the university to fulfill the filial piety spirit which is part of Chinese culture.
  5. International living area service
    • To provide more convenient living environments to students from foreign countries, an "International Living Area" has been set up.
  6. Emergency solving
    • The school has established a Center for Emergency Solving and Life Care which aims at offering financial and spiritual supports to students who encounter emergencies in their daily life.
  7. Scholarships offering
    • The school offers various kinds of scholarships which are easy to get, in addition to the Taiwan Scholarship.
  8. Learning-failure pre-warning
    • The school has set up a system of pre-warning of students' possible failure in course taking, and offers after-class learning guidance courses to help students with troubles in studies.
  9. Career planning aid
    • The Learning and Career Development Center helps students to adjust learning strategies, enhance learning efficiency, and design a good plan of 4-year course taking and training participation, aiming at promotion of each student's competitive capability after graduation.
  10. Practical training arrangement
    • Each department of this university arranges practical training courses outside campus or in enterprises in summer and winter vacation times, increasing the opportunities for the students to learn in-field experiences before graduation.
  11. Part-time job offering
    • The school provides many part-time jobs for students and a number of staff positions for graduates with good academic records every year.
  12. Housing renting guidance
    • To take care of the safety of students living outside campus, the Office of Student Affairs published a guidance for renting houses, provided a house-renting contract form, and visits outside-campus students frequently to assist solving their problems about living environments.
  13. Transportation assistance
    • In addition to being located at the center of a highway   network, Asia University invited local buses to drive through the campus to provide convenient transportation services to the students.
  14. Dinning and bookstore services
    • The school invites a bookstore and many dining and coffee shops to enter the campus, providing cheap and convenient services to the students.
  15. Physical fitness strengthening
    • The gymnasium provides multi-purpose fields, weight exercise equipment, aerobic dance rooms, and many other health training facilities day and night for the students and the student clubs.
  16. Employment assistance
    • The Learning and Career Development Center offers various assistance programs for students to get them more competitive in job seeking after graduation.
  17. Assistance to student club establishment
    • The school makes every effort in helping establish student clubs and inviting tutors or coaches for the clubs, creating approximately 60 student clubs of various purposes and activities which enrich students' campus life.

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